Posterisan® ointment, 25 g

Posterisan® ointment, 25 g

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Posterisan® 166.7 mg / g rectalal salt. Active substance: lidocaine. Areas of application: To r..

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Posterisan® 166.7 mg / g rectalal salt. Active substance: lidocaine. 

Areas of application:

To relieve pain in the anal area before Procetological Examination;

To relieve itching in the anal area.

Posterisan 166.7 mg / g Rectal ointment contains a locally effective painkiller (local anesthetic) and serves to relieve aching and itchy complaints in the anal area

Posterisan 166.7 mg / g Rectal ointment is used to:

Relief from pain in the anal area before Procetworking Examination

Relief of itching in the anal area

Posterisan 166.7 mg / g rectal alone must not be used:.

If you allergic to lidocaine or one of the section 6 other ingredients of this medicine are

Usually, the ointment is used 2 to 3 times a day. The amount depends on the size of the skin and mucosa areas to be treated. Posterisan Acute 50 mg / g Rectal ointment contains a rapid and well-effective painkiller. It is therefore sufficient if you use the ointment sparingly. The maximum dose of 2.5 g ointment (125 mg lidocaine) per single application should not be exceeded.

The ointment will be in the morning and in the evening as well as if possible (about 30 minutes) And after the stool emptying on the skin and mucosa parts to be treated and carefully rubbed with the finger. for easier handling, it is recommended to store the ointment at room temperature (18 ° C to 25 ° C).

Application of the applicator:

For use, the applicator is screwed to the tube and the cap is withdrawn. By pressing the tube, the ointment is pressed so far into the applicator until it leaves from the side openings. Thereafter, the applicator is carefully inserted into the after the clearly noticeable stop. The lubricity can be increased by sprinkling the applicator withdrawing ointment. Through renewed pressure on the tube, the ointment is then released into the anal channel. A sufficient distribution of the ointment is achieved by carefully rotating the tube. The cleaning of the applicator after use is best done by squeezing some ointment on the side openings, wipe the surface with absorbent paper and placing the cap to avoid drying out the ointment in the applicator. If the ointment is not used for a long time, the applicator should be unscrewed and cleaned with warm water. 

Method of administration:

The ointment should be applied for 3 days until the doctor maximum without medical advice. Please keep the recommended duration of treatment even if you feel better earlier.