Nissei DSK-1011 Blood Pressure Monitor

Nissei DSK-1011 Blood Pressure Monitor

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・Touch sensor・Measurement Method : Oscillometric method・Automatic inflation・Measurement during infla..

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Touch sensor

・Measurement Method : Oscillometric method

・Automatic inflation

・Measurement during inflation

・Display : 15 digits liquid crystal display

・2×60 readings memory bank

・Irregular pulse rhythm detection

・Body Motion Indicator

・Applicable arm circumference : Approx. 22~32cm

・Date and Time

・ Power Supply : Four 1.5 volt LR6 (AA alkaline) batteries or AC adaptor
     ADP-W5 series

・Electric Rating : DC6V/4W, with four LR6 batteries
    Adaptor; AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

  ・Power Consumption: 4W (Max)

 ・ Product Size    :  11.5 (W) × 11.5 (D)  x 6.6 (H)  cm

  ・Product Weight : Approx. 250 g (without batteries)